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We’re excited you’re here! The NYC Office Team Podcast is hosted by the top commercial real estate agents in New York City Justin Myers, Dennis Someck, Conor Krup, and leasing associate Heather Smolinski. On this show, you’ll find a mix of professional insight and entertainment into everything happening with the New York City commercial real estate industry including interviews with entrepreneurs, experts, and NYC Empires. The conversations are an entertaining mix of buying, selling, and leasing tips, commercial markets, case studies, and much more – with lots of laughs along the way. Happy listening!


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1 The Current State Of The NYC Commercial Real Estate Market,

The Current State Of The NYC Commercial Real Estate Market

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2 Meet The Stars Of The  NYC Office Team Podcast,

Meet The Stars Of The NYC Office Team Podcast

Service businesses can get a bad rap. After all, there are clients to deal with, and actual labor involved in fulfillment. They’re just not as glamorous as other more “passive” income models. But you should know that more Side Hustle Show guests started with a service-based business model than any other. This week’s guest has a unique approach to service businesses — one that doesn’t r...